Bella Rose Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Etiquette

These are a few steps for you to take before you show up for your tattoo appointment.

1. Please Be On Time! Let us know if you're going to be late, or if you need to rebook or cancel.

2. Please make sure you are showered and clean.

3. We will not accept clients who are drunk, on drugs, hung over, sick, sunburned, pregnant, breast feeding, under 18, or not of a sound mind.

4. Please make sure you eat something an hour prior to coming for your tattoo.

5. No sunburns or rashes on area where you want the tattoo.

6. Please do not put lotions on your skin prior to your tattoo.

7. Please do not shave the area prior to your tattoo to avoid razor burn.

8. Wear something comfortable.

9. Please do not bring your children with you.

10. Please be prepared to have your cell phone turned off or not in use during tattooing process.

11. Please bring government photo ID. (You must be 18 years of age or older, we no longer accept clients that are under 18 years of age regardless if they have a legal guardian or not.)

12. Bring a smile and not a frown so we can help you achieve your tattoo dreams!