Bella Rose Tattoo Studio

F A Q's

QUESTION: How much will my tattoo cost?

ANSWER: The basic hourly rate that Brittney charges is $160. We do not recommend money as a primary consideration when choosing a tattooist, since bargain hunting is not an advisable approach for something as permanent as a tattoo. At Bella Rose, we will do our best to give you a fair price for the work because our business is dependent upon satisfied customers. Tattoos can vary in length of time for completion, it all depends on what you want, where you want, how custom you want it, etc. Brittney provides price ranges and quotes for her clients once she has looked extensively through your appointment form.

QUESTION: Do I have to make a deposit?

ANSWER: Yes, we require a deposit for every appointment to hold the spot for our clients. Each individual will be given a different flat rate amount depending on the size of the tattoo, but the minimum requirement is $100.

QUESTION: Do I have to pay for touch-ups?

ANSWER: Touch-ups are free for 6 months after the tattoo session, depending on the negligence of the client's after care. This means if you are purposely rubbing the tattoo, scratching the tattoo, picking the scabs off, or don't follow proper after care procedures, we will not be giving free touch-ups for the tattoo.

QUESTION: Do you sell after care?

ANSWER: Yes we sell after care for your tattoos right in the studio.


ANSWER: Yes, you will need government photo ID presented to the artist before tattoo session begins.

QUESTION: Do I have to be 18 or can I have a legal guardian?

ANSWER: You must be 18 or older for Brittney to tattoo you. We no longer accept clients that are under the age of 18, regardless if they have a legal guardian or not.

QUESTION: Does it hurt?

ANSWER: Pain levels depends on the person, there's always some level of discomfort no matter the area of the tattoo. You may be sitting in a somewhat uncomfortable position for an extended period of time. Everyone experiences pain differently and on different parts of the body.

If you have any more questions please email us at [email protected] or phone/text 780-219-ROSE and we'll be happy to answer any concerns or inquiries you might have. To book an appointment, please visit the Appointments page.