Bella Rose Tattoo Studio

Brittney Raymond

Shop Owner and Tattoo Artist

I started tattooing when I was almost 18 years old. As a kid, I watched my talented mother paint and draw on many occasions. I admired her in many ways, and soon learned to pick up a pencil. I'd read old tattoo magazines and become lost within them while I sat in my bedroom. Doing art had become an escape from reality and, being a dreamer, I always imagined my art would take me somewhere else.

I was told artists are only recognized and make money when they're dead. So I moved to Grande Prairie, Alberta, and began a four year apprenticeship with a family friend named Raz. I was nine when I got to watch him tattoo for the first time... I was hooked then as I am now.

I love to stay inspired and eager to work. Everything always comes back to tattooing for me, whether it's being artistic or standing up for myself. I love meeting new and interesting people. Tattoos have always helped me, if I can do the same for others by giving them something they'll love and can take with them forever then I know I'm doing what I'm meant to do.

It's my passion and it takes me to very cool places. I am based out of Grimshaw, Alberta, and I go on the road a lot. I specialize in many styles. I am not against doing small tattoos, I believe that every tattoo is important and special, just like my clients. I enjoy doing full color and lettering, as well as collaborating one-of-a-kind tattoos for my clients. I'm not Dead (P!nk).

Just living the dream.


Brittney is a tattoo artist that is based out of Peace River, Alberta, and has been working for twelve years. She has worked in various locations like Grande Prairie and Peace River, and has branched out on her own to be working independently for the last few years.