Bella Rose Tattoo Studio

Aftercare for your new tattoo!

So you have a tattoo, now what? Here are a few points to follow:

A.) A sterile bandage is placed over your new tattoo, this is to help protect the wound from any dust or germs you might encounter throughout the rest of your day and also gives your pores a chance to close up. Keep this bandage on for at least 24 hours. When you remove it, be careful and remove it slowly.

B.) Never re-wrap your tattoo under any circumstances.

C.) Once you have removed the bandage, wash your tattoo with mild soap and warm water. Wash your hands and use your fingertips to gently massage any excess Vaseline or ink off the skin. There may also be some dried blood or water excretions, this is completely normal. Once you have rinsed off all the soap, pat dry your tattoo with a clean paper towel. Cloths or towels can hold bacteria.

D.) Allow your skin to dry, approximately 1/2 an hour.

E.) Apply the aftercare ointment, making sure you wash your hands first. Bella Rose Tattoo Studio uses PurTect antimicrobial ointment, one of the industry's most recommended products. We love to hear feedback on this since it's new to our studio, please let us know how it's working for you by emailing us at [email protected] Apply a thin layer of ointment 3 to 4 times a day, however this is a personal experience and can differ from person to person. Too much ointment will clog pores and could collect bacteria, too little ointment and your skin will get very dry.

F.) Do not, under any circumstance, pick or itch the scabs off your tattoo. If it is itchy then apply the PurTect ointment, it is likely dry. Picking the scabs off your tattoo will break the new skin which is protecting your ink and can cause fading.

G.) No direct sunlight for 2 - 3 weeks. The sun is a major cause of new tattoos looking blurred.

H.) No soaking in water, no swimming, hot tubs, or direct shower water beating on it for 2 - 3 weeks. If it does get wet in the shower, gently pay it dry, don't rub at it with a towel. Once your skin has dried by a 1/2 an hour re-apply the ointment.

I.) If you work out, or do contact sports, give it a bit of a break. Worry about getting contact abrasions that could knock off the healing skin, or in a gym worry about over-straining delicate perforated tissue and getting a stretch mark, or touching a piece of sweat-contaminated workout equipment with an open raw area... wait a couple of weeks.

It is up to you to protect your investment. By giving your tattoo proper care while healing, you insure that you will enjoy it for the rest of your life.

Be sure to inquire about receiving a brochure from Britt in her studio with further details on after care for your new tattoo.

If you are having any kind of serious skin reaction (ex. bumps, excessive rashing, pussy discharge, extreme amount of pain for an extended time), go to the hospital. As tattoo artists, we are trained to recognize serious reactions in healing tattoos but we are not doctors. If you have heavy concerns you should see a doctor.

Bella Rose follows legislation from Health Educators Canada: