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Brittney getting her grandmother's portrait tattooed on her by one of the industry's leading portrait artists Bob Tyrrell in October 2013 at the Calgary tattoo convention. For a closer look at Bob's work, check his website

Hannah Aitchison, though we never spoke to her at the 2013 Calgary tattoo convention, we were awed by her amazing talent regardless. She's one of Britt's favorite role models, to check her work visit

January 2014, Britt went half way across the world to get a half sleeve started by the very famous and inspiring tatt artist Liz Cook from Rebel Muse in Texas. Britt plans to return at the beginning of July to get her half sleeve completed. For a look at Liz's website, check out  

Steph, Joe Capobianco, and Britt. Joe's another one of those inspirational artists that we were thrilled to meet at the 2014 Edmonton tattoo convention. To see Joe's work visit his website You won't be disappointed.

May 2014 Edmonton tattoo convention, getting matching unicorn tattoos because we can! Amazing work done by Anastasia Powell, working right in Edmonton at Eye of the Lotus tattoo studio, definitely hit her up if you want great ink;

Brittney and Steph from Bella Rose and Dirk from the show Bad Ink judged tattoos at the 2016 Wild West Tattoo and Motorbike Fest.

It was Bella Rose's first booth at an official tattoo convention, and we to participate in many more!